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Who I Serve

Steve Schlafman
Steve Schlafman
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Who I Serve

I recently started working with Chris Sparks of The Forcing Function. He's a performance coach who was one of the top online poker players in the world.

I hired Chris because I want to maximize my creative output, prioritize all the opportunities flying at me, and lay the roadmap for High Output over the next 12-18 months. I also hired Chris because I want to learn his craft.

We had our first session last week. It was uncomfortable but very productive. He pushed me to get very specific about who I coach, what I invest in and more. This is something I have struggled with for a while. Partly due to FOMO and not entirely trusting myself.

After the session, Chris asked me to define my ideal coaching client (I call them "coaching partners"). I welcomed the challenge because I've wanted to codify this for months and I'm currently working on a new website for High Output. The timing was perfect.

I spent some time over the last week defining my ideal coaching partner. Getting really specific about who I serve energized me and reminded me why I love this profession. I honestly can't think of a better job: I help entrepreneurs and startup leaders amplify their output, fulfill their potential, and bring the boldest visions to life.

Here is who I serve and how I determine fit. If you know anyone who is looking for a coach and matches this description, I would be forever grateful if you kept High Output in mind.


  • Entrepreneurs who want to evolve into high performing CEOs (min of 4 FTEs)
  • "Leaders In Transition" who are ready to explore and write their next chapter
  • VCs who desire to increase their influence and improve their decision making

On a Mission

  • Deep desire to build or contribute to something bigger than themselves
  • Powerful drive and motivation that comes from within
  • Unwavering belief in what they are creating
  • Relentless commitment to customers and teammates


  • Articulate why they want a coach, what they hope to achieve who they want to become
  • History of working with a coach, mentor and/or teacher in a high performance environment
  • Insatiable curiosity about themselves and the world
  • Cultivation of self-awareness through journaling, meditation or other practice
  • Take responsibility and ownership for outcomes (onboarding, session prep, follow ups)
  • Committed to put in the time and do the hard work
  • Aspire to fulfill potential through personal growth
  • Surrounded by talented people who push and support them
  • Open to experimentation and pivots

The Relationship

  • Desire and ability to work together for at least 6 months and hopefully much longer
  • Potential to earn a spot and play a role in their inner circle / personal board of directors
  • Ability to play the role of coach (as primary) AND advisor (as secondary)
  • Invested in their development and success long after we stop working together
  • Symbiotic - we teach, learn, grow and thrive together


  • I genuinely like them and care about their success
  • They are a good human and ethical
  • I could spend at least a day with them and not get bored
  • I respect their previous accomplishments
  • I would be psyched to meet with and help them for free
  • I have a deep interest and belief in what they are creating
  • They seek a coach on their own volition and timeline

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