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Welcome to Where the Road Bends

Welcome to Where the Road Bends

👋 Hi! I'm glad you're here.

I bet your inbox is a busy place, so thanks for trusting me, and inviting me into one of your most sacred spaces.

My Promise to You

I realize we're just meeting for the first time, but I'd like to promise a few things:

  • I'll put love and care into everything I write
  • I'll never send spam or promotions unrelated to my work
  • I'll take your privacy as seriously as my own
  • I'll never sell or share your information
  • I'll try my very best to reply if you reach out

In other words, I promise to treat you exactly how I would want to be treated.

Another Newsletter?

For the last seven years, I’ve been focused on my own development, immersed in learning about change, transformation, consciousness, mindfulness, coaching, psychology, human development, philosophy, spirituality, and writing.

Though I’m regularly writing longer essays about many of these themes, much of what I learn, think about, and write never sees the light of day. A while back, I realized I could be sharing more of what I’m learning, be more open about my own transformation, and to help those who want to change along with me.

Enter Where the Road Bends (WTRB): an exploration of personal evolutions, life transitions, and conscious change.

Change and transition is a fundamental feature of the universe—we're in a constant evolution just by being here, as we age, as we experience new things, and as we travel on this living planet. Change pervades the multidimensionality of our lives—home, work, health, spirituality, technology, relationships, leisure, rest, learning, and love—every single day.

WTRB examines how we can navigate career and life transitions, develop an expansive understanding of ourselves, build new habits, and sunset old ones. I also share learnings from my own change journey, my coaching, and findings, perspectives, and ideas from my continued research into the fields I mentioned above, to illuminate and nudge us towards new paths, ideas, beliefs, and states of mind.

The goal is the same as with my essays, and all of my work: to help you learn about yourself and create a rich life that’s in deep alignment with who you truly are.

What to Expect

Going forward, you'll receive three emails from me each month. There are two primary formats:

💡 Where the Road Bends, delivered bi-weekly on Saturday morning, features riffs and recommendations of thought provoking content that I’ve been digesting lately (example)

🤔  Musings, delivered once a month, are long-form essay on a range of topics related to conscious and compassionate change (example)

My Greatest Hits

If you feel called to explore my writing, here are some past issues of WTRB (formerly called Lightwaves), and longer-form essays that I'm proud of:

Ensure Delivery

Here’s how to guarantee WTRB lands in your inbox:

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🍎 Apple mail users—tap on the email address at the top of this email (next to “From:” on mobile) and click “Add to VIPs"

One Last Thing

It would be a big help if you could email me and let me know why you signed up. While I'm a solopreneur, I view this effort as a co-creation with you and the rest of the WTRB community. Even a sentence or two would be incredibly helpful, so I can make this newsletter as valuable as possible for you. Have a great day.

Be well,