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Introducing: The High Output Founder Library

Steve Schlafman
Steve Schlafman
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Introducing: The High Output Founder Library

Over the past decade, I've worked with dozens, if not hundreds, of founders in various roles— investor, advisor, coach, mentor, and friend. Throughout these experiences, I've consistently seen and heard the same things over and over. Many founders, especially first-timers, are learning on the job, facing similar challenges, and looking for support and advice.

There's no shortage of wisdom to be shared, but the world of useful advice is incredibly scattered across company websites, VCs blogs, magazine articles, newsletters, Twitter, and more. Said another way, there's no center of gravity that pulls all of these learnings together.

Throughout my own journey, I've saved dozens of articles, slide decks, podcasts, and essays for my portfolio founders and coaching partners, but have always felt that this 'stockpile' should be made available to the broader startup ecosystem. This first version of the High Output Founders' Library is just that.

In the library, you'll find nearly 300 of the most insightful and actionable pieces from across the internet about the various parts of a founder's journey, primarily focusing on seed stage through Series B. Rishi, my summer apprentice, led efforts on the Library. Together, we scoured the web and asked founders and investors what they thought where the most salient resources were across categories. He even outlined longer articles so you can find links exactly to the passage you need to see.

The pieces are divided into 75 actionable topics across eight areas: Hiring, Investor Relations, Fundraising, Self, People, Meetings, Company, and Product. We hope at least one of these resources catches your eye and helps you show up as a more confident (and informed) leader.

A few caveats:

  • This first version is far from complete and comprehensive. We didn't leave anyone out intentionally. It's our intention to evolve the library.
  • We see the Library as a work in progress and collaboration across the ecosystem. Feedback and article recommendations are welcome!
  • You can find me and Rishi on Twitter, or leave feedback on the Library itself here (this is also where you can suggest your favorite resources)

Finally and most importantly, thank you to the founders and investors who originally published one of the pieces featured in the library. Your work in contributing to the ecosystem is what made our efforts possible; all we did was put them in one place for them to be discovered more easily!

We hope you find the Library useful, thought provoking and even inspiring. Don't hesitate to send any feedback, thoughts or ideas.

All that said, good luck building. May your wildest visions become a reality!


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