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How I'm Onboarding My Summer Apprentice

Steve Schlafman
Steve Schlafman
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I believe in onboarding employees in a thoughtful and methodical manner. I preach this to my coaching partners (a.k.a. clients) and portfolio companies. A smooth onboarding process ensures the employee has a clearly defined role, can hit the ground running day one and ramps up quickly.

High Output, my leadership development company, is onboarding our very first summer apprentice early next week. They are going to help me with a variety of projects including investment diligence, market research, content creation, and much more.  I decided to create an onboarding document in Notion to help them access a wide range of resources that should help them get up the learning curve more quickly.

Keep in mind, the document is far from comprehensive since it’s a temporary role and I’m an army of one but it’s a good start. There are plenty of other best practices such as scheduling meetings with other coworkers, granting access to applications and documents, purchasing and setting up a work station, and so on.

Here’s what I included. As you’ll see, it’s a treasure trove of information:

  • A welcome message
  • User manuals (for me and the apprentice)
  • Roles & responsibilities
  • Learning objectives for the apprenticeship
  • What to expect week 1
  • History of VC
  • Mary Meeker Internet Trends
  • Misc content such as slideshares, essays, podcasts, and books

I’m openly sharing this document as a template in Notion in hopes that it becomes a resource for other summer interns, recently college grads and/or really anyone is who is excited to learn about startups, technology, VC, and leadership.

If you think your friends and followers would benefit from reviewing it, please share it with them. It is far from proprietary. In fact, I hope you’ll take what I started and build upon it.

Finally, don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or input. I’d love to hear from you!


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